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Student Ombudsperson

The word "ombudsman" comes from Scandinavia during the 19th century, where the term applied to a public official appointed to investigate citizens' compliants against the government.

Student Ombudsperson Services (S.O.S.) provides services to students who experience administrative, academic, or personal road blocks. S.O.S. is here to help you achieve your personal and academic goals.

  • Listen to your complaint
  • Clarify university policy
  • Answer questions concerning appropriate channels
  • Assist with problems that have not been resolved by other offices
  • Make referrals to individuals or departments more expert in a specific concern
  • Help define options that are available to you
  • Open avenues of communication
  • Offer a safe place to discuss your concerns

Submit a Student Complaint

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) is the official reviewer of student complaints after all institutional processes have been exhausted.