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Community Supported Agriculture

Supporting Local Sustainable Agriculture


  • Nutritious fresh local food delivered to you!
  • Learn about new types of produce and what grows well in our climate.
  • Meet others in the community who are interested in fresh and local food.
  • Creates a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of local land.
  • Keeps food dollars in the community, creates jobs, and contributes to maintenance and establishment of regional food production.
  • Farmers are guaranteed a market for their produce so they can invest their time and energy farming rather than looking for buyers.
  • Puts the "farmer face on food" and increases understanding of how, where and by whom our food is grown.

A CSA or "Community Supported Agriculture" program consists of a group of individuals who pledge their support to local farmers and the farm market through a subscription to purchase seasonal local produce. Subscribers pay for the produce in advance, which provides the farmers the ability to market their crops during the off season and focus on farming during the growing season. They are also better able to plan their crops with the knowledge that a portion of what they grow is already sold. The CSA @ ODU program is a partnership between ODU and the 5pts Farm Market. This partnership brings a variety of fresh, local produce to ODU and its surrounding community. Produce is sourced from multiple farmers across the state and region, which cushions the subscribers against the effects of drought conditions, plant disease and pests that might otherwise affect local produce supplies.

How it Works

Individuals fill out a subscription form to participate in the 12 week program. Each week they receive an allotted amount of seasonal fresh produce ($20 worth in the summer and fall and $15 worth in the winter and spring). This is plenty for two veggie lovers or vegetable side dishes for a family of four. There will be a variety of produce, designed to help the farmers, the Farm Market and YOU! The produce selection is preset each week. This is done to ensure you learn to eat locally and what is in season, there will be no picking, choosing, or trading of weekly produce.

Every Friday afternoon, Aramark will host a CSA social from 4 to 6pm in the Norfolk Room of Webb Center. This will be the opportunity to pick up your produce, mingle with other customers, see a cooking demonstration and get cooking tips from the Aramark chefs and 5pts Farm Market folks. This CSA will be conducted "market-style" which means produce is not prepackaged. Instead, 5pts Farm Market will lay out baskets of the week's vegetables, members fill their own bags to ensure their own degree of personal choice is met (aka, size, color, shape, firmness).