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Policy Toolkit

This University Policy Toolkit has been assembled to assist individuals designated as the "Responsible Officer" for a University policy in the drafting of the policy. The Responsible Officer is assigned by the Vice President who oversees the policy's development process and is responsible for keeping the policy up to date and coordinating a detailed review at least once every five years. The items in this toolkit include:

  1. Policy 1001 - Development, Approval and Maintenance of University Policy - Policy 1001 defines the process for developing, reviewing, approving and maintaining all University policies.
  2. University Policy Template - The University Policy Template is a required policy format developed to ensure consistency in the drafting of University policies. Use the template facilitates the adoption of clear, concise and uniform University policies.
  3. University Policy Impact Statement - The University Policy Impact Statement is a document that describes the need and justification for a newly proposed University policy or revisions to an existing University policy.
  4. University Policy Process At-a-Glance - This summary provides a brief overview of the process and the roles and responsibilities of individuals and committees involved.
  5. Policy Guidelines and Definitions - These general guidelines and list of definitions that have been used in policies that have been reviewed by the Policy Review Committee will assist in the drafting of policies and will be periodically updated.
  6. University Policy Review Guidelines - These guidelines are used by members of the Policy Review Committee in their review of policies prior to and during their meeting with the Responsible Officer.
  7. University Policies Website and Policy Examples - The University Policy website (http://www.odu.edu/ao/polnproc/) contains links to all current University policies and notes the dates they were initially approved and last revised. The website also highlights the policies most recently approved by the President and is updated each time a new set of policies is approved.
  8. Policy Review Committee Members - Contact information is provided for each of the members of the Policy Review Committee. Responsible Officers may contact the chair or any member of the Committee if assistance is needed throughout the process.