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University Foundations

Students walking across Kaufman Mall

A successful university does not stand alone and Old Dominion University is no exception. The university's foundations were created to provide additional support to key areas of the university, ranging from educational programs to athletics to capital projects and development. The foundations ensure that donor-provided funds and resources are appropriately routed and strategically used to enhance the mission of the university.

Educational Foundation

Students Studying

The Educational Foundation serves to receive, administer and distribute funds and property to further the educational activities and objectives of the University.

Athletic Foundation

Cheerleaders at Football Game

The Old Dominion Athletic Foundation supports the athletics program through endowments, capital projects and other funding while offering its members social opportunities and special events.

Real Estate Foundation

University Village Bookstore

The ODU Real Estate Foundation is responsible for the development of the University Village and future projects that will expand the university's boundaries to provide modern facilities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.