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Writing Sample Placement Test

Taking the WSPT

Viewing Results

Your results will be available in LEO Online (not in Blackboard):

All entering undergraduate students, including transfer students (with or without credit for freshman English composition) must pass the Writing Sample Placement Test (WSPT). Freshman students are required to take the WSPT for placement purposes.

The Writing Sample Placement Test evaluates all entering undergraduate students' (including transfer students) writing abilities to determine placement in English 110C or in another course.

Transfer students with credit for freshman English composition will use WSPT scores for diagnostic purposes to determine any weaknesses that would affect performance on the Exit Examination of Writing Proficiency (a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students). Transfer students who do not pass the WSPT must meet with a Writing Center counselor to form a plan of action to correct writing deficiencies before registering for the second semester. Transfer students are required to pass the WSPT before the end of their second semester. This policy was developed to ensure that all students have the writing skills to successfully complete the Exit Exam, a graduation requirement.

Those students who do not have credit for freshman English composition and who have not received their test results by course registration during PREVIEW will not be able to register for English composition or any class that has English Composition as a prerequisite.


The Writing Sample Placement Test is a 90-minute essay test. A student is expected to write a 400/500-word expository responding to one of two "should," "would," or "could" questions derived from three topic areas: Basic Human Rights, Television, and Education. The essay should have an introduction that contains a thesis statement, a body of paragraphs supporting the thesis statement and a conclusion.

Testing Procedures

All testing for the WSPT will be accomplished via Blackboard.

Incoming freshmen will be granted access to the test in Blackboard through their respective Preview sections.

Transfer students (to include those with trasfer credit for ENGL 110C) who take part ina Preview program offered through Orientation/Preview under the Office of New Student and Parent Prorams will be granted access to the test in Blackboard through their respective Preview sections.

Transfer students who do not take part in one of the aforementioned Preview programs should click on the registration link provided for non-preview test takers.


Incoming freshmen (those without transfer credit for ENGL 110C) may find their results on Blackboard two weeks after they have completed the test.

Students without credit for freshman composition will be placed in one of the following: English 110C, (freshman composition), General Studies 050 (basic writing), or ELC-ESL (a non-credit English as a second language course offered by the English Language Center).

Students with transfer credit for freshman composition may find their results on Leoonline; the results are generally available within two weeks of the testing date.


There is a 10-week waiting period before a student may retake the Writing Sample Placement Test. Students may not take this test more than three times unless they can provide evidence of having had writing instruction after the third unsuccessful attempt. The results of the exam are good for five years.

More detailed information concerning the testing requirements of the Undergraduate Writing Program may be found here. Once the catalog has loaded, scroll to page 67 of 317 within the PDF format.