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China Center

China Center Mission

To promote and coordinate research, cultural exchanges, and academic programs in China-related Studies; to enhance mutual understanding of the two cultures; and to facilitate economic and business cooperation between China, other Chinese societies, and the United States with particular emphases on the Commonwealth of Virginia.


本中心旨在促进并协调有关中国问题的学术研究,文化交流与科学项目; 加强中美文化交流



The Confucius Institute at ODU

A partnership with Minzu University of China

The introduction of the Confucius Institute at ODU represents a vital new component of the university's ongoing academic and community engagement efforts. Together with the ODU China Center, the Confucius Institute will form the umbrella organization under which all China-related initiatives in the university's colleges can be indexed and coordinated.

The designation of a Confucius Institute is made by Hanban, Worldwide Headquarters of Confucius Institutes of China. ODU was recognized for its strong affiliations with the regional community, through its China Center and the Institute of Asian Studies, in addition to having a strong College of Education program and Chinese language instruction already in place in the College of Arts and Letters.

With a total of only 70 Confucius Institutes awarded to American universities, the designation places ODU among an impressive peer group composed of some of the nation's top academic institutions.

Each Confucius Institute exists for three main purposes:

  • To facilitate the instruction of the Chinese language at the host university and in public and private schools within each geographic area
  • To impart knowledge of Chinese history, literature, the arts and other aspects of Chinese culture
  • To create, through the promotion of language and understanding of China as a country, partnerships that foster mutual understanding between the United States and China.