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Exchange Programs

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What is an exchange program?

An ODU exchange program is a semester or yearlong experience at one of ODU's partner universities. ODU students on an exchange program have the opportunity to take regular university classes in English or the host country's language, live on campus, and experience college life in another country. Students participating in an exchange pay tuition to ODU.

What is an ODU exchange?

ODU exchanges are bilateral agreements between Old Dominion and a partner university overseas. Old Dominion has exchange agreements with 15 universities in 6 countries! Students on these programs pay ODU tuition and fees and room and board costs to the host university.

What is the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)?

The ISEP network of universities provides ODU students with options to study on exchange in over 50 countries. These include many non-traditional locations in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the South Pacific. Many sites offer coursework in English while others require intermediate to advanced proficiency in a foreign language. Students pay Old Dominion tuition, room, and board for these programs. Application deadlines for ISEP programs are 6-8 months before they begin, so you should start planning early if you are interested in this option!

Where can I study on exchange?

ODU Exchanges

● Australia
● Denmark
● Ireland
● Japan
● South Korea
● United Kingdom
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