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Faculty-Led Programs

Study Abroad

What is a faculty-led program?

ODU's faculty-led programs are short-term experiences that typically take place over spring break or in the summer. These programs are courses taught and led by ODU faculty members and vary in length of time abroad from 10 days to one month. Most courses are 3 credits and include some pre-departure classes and meetings, experiences abroad, and final projects upon return. Every spring, ODU faculty members have the opportunity to propose new courses for the next academic year, so the line-up of programs is different from year to year. The types of experiences you may have on these programs vary greatly depending on the location and course content.

Types of faculty-led programs

Spring Break and Summer Programs

These programs are a great way to earn ODU credit during a short term experience abroad. Courses are offered in all academic colleges and many offer undergraduate and graduate level credit. Each year, the courses offered changes, but recent spring break offerings have included a history course on the French Holocaust in Paris and Krakow, an English course on Sherlock Holmes in London, and a health sciences practical course in the Dominican Republic. Popular summer programs have included experimental marine biology in Belize, business in China and Korea, and Spanish language and culture in Granada, Spain. Check out the links below to see what courses are being offered in the upcoming year.

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Explore Summer Programs

International Counseling Institutes

Old Dominion University offers institutes for professional counselors and counseling students abroad. These programs are open to ODU and non-ODU students and professionals and provide participants with a glimpse into the counseling profession in different countries. Current programs include institutes in Italy, Ireland, Malawi and Argentina. You can explore these exciting options by clicking the button below.

Explore International Counseling Programs

First Year Experiences

ODU has developed programs designed just for incoming freshmen. Students who have been admitted to ODU can participate in these experiences in the summer before their first year. The First Year Experiences have been designed to allow new students to receive general education credits, develop friendships with other new students, and get to know an ODU faculty member, all while traveling the world. All admitted students will recieve information about these programs, so be on the look-out!

Explore First Year Programs