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University Professors

University Professors

The designation of University Professor has been established in order to recognize faculty members at the University who are outstanding teachers at the undergraduate level. Only tenured faculty members will be considered for this honor.

2013 - 2014

Mark D. Havey, Physics

2012 - 2013

John Griffith, Finance
Laurie Henry, Accounting
Elaine Justice, Psychology
Michael Pearson, English

2011 - 2012

Nancy Klein, Music
Charles Sukenik, Physics
Francis Adams, Political Science and Geography
Gayle McCombs, Dental Hygiene

2010 - 2011

Edward S. Neukrug, Counseling and Human Services
Sharon Raver-Lampman, Communication Disorders and Special Education
Ralph W. Stevens III, Biological Sciences
Victoria Time, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Susan Lynn Tolle, Dental Hygiene
Steve A. Yetiv, Political Science and Geography
Dennis J. Zeisler, Music

2009 - 2010

R James Swanson, Biological Sciences
G Steven Rhiel, Information Technology & Descision Sciences
James W Kosnik, Music
Joyce Neff, English

2008 - 2009

Diane Cyr Carmody, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Lawrence Hatab, Philosophy
Garrett McAuliffe, Educational Leadership and Counseling
Alan Savitzky, Biological Sciences
Joanne Scheibman, English

2007 - 2008

Ravindra Joshi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sheri Reynolds, English
Larry Weinstein, Physics
Michael Zugelder, Finance

2006 - 2007

Desmond Cook, Physics
Edward Markowski, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
Bryan Porter, Psychology
Scott Sechrist, Medical Laboratory & Radiation Sciences
David Swain, Exercise Science Sports Physical Education & Recreation

2005 - 2006

Barbara Bartkus, Business Administration Management
Janet Peery, English
Ruth Triplett, Sociology & Criminal Justice
Jill Dustin, Counseling and Human Services

2004 - 2005

William H Crouch, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
Kathy Pearson, History

2003 - 2004

John Broderick, English
Timothy C McKee, Accounting
Roland R Mielke, Electrical & Computer Engineering
G Richard Whittecar, Ocean Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

2001 - 2002

Glenn Sussman, Political Science & Geography
Charles E Wilson Jr, English
Gilbert Yochum, Economics

2000 - 2001

Janet Bing, English
Kenneth Daly, Art
John R Hackworth, Engineering Technology
Ronald E Johnson, Ocean Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Zia Razzaq, Civil & Environmental Engineering

1999 - 2000

John A Adam, Mathematics & Statistics
Michele Darby, Dental Hygiene
Lorraine M Lees, History
Linda Lilley, Nursing
Kneeland K Nesius, Biological Sciences
John F Toomey, Music

1998 - 1999

John P Broderick, English
Chris Drake, Political Science & Geography
Katharine Kersey, Teaching and Learning
Timothy C McKee, Accounting
Karen A Polonko, Sociology & Criminal Justice
Thomas J Socha, Communications
G Richard Whittecar, Ocean Earth & Atmospheric Sciences