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Google Drive

Google Drive (Formerly Google Docs) is a cloud-based file storage solution that includes cloud applications for document creation and online collaboration tools. Think of Google Drive as your own personal hard drive that is accessible anytime/anywhere when you are connected to the internet.

Manually Uploading Files to Google Drive

You can manually upload files in your Google Drive by clicking the 'Upload' button and then selecting the location of the file(s) you would like to upload. Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop your files from your computer to Google Drive if you are using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.

Additional information on manually uploading files to Google Drive


Store existing documents or those created in Google Drive. You can store up to 5 GB of any file type(s) in your Google Drive (including mp3, jpg, WMV, PDF, etc.) Files in Google's own format do not count towards your 5GB storage quota.

Create & Collaborate

You can share any file in your Google Drive with other Google users (or everyone on the web if you want to!) Sharing your files is a great alternative to sending large e-mail attachments. Additionally, you can open over 30 file types directly from Google Drive - even if you don't have the program installed on your computer.

The Google Docs collaboration suite includes five different applications that enable you to create files in your Google Drive that you can share and collaborate on with other Google users - view others edits, receive and reply to comments and plug away while your edits are automatically saved in Google Drive.

Mobile Google Drive

Android and iOS mobile apps provide access to your Google Drive while you are on the go.

Google Drive for Android: The Google Drive Android app is available for download at the Google Play Store. See Google Drive on Android phones and tablets to learn more, including supported Android versions, installation instructions, and user help.

Google Drive for iOS: You can find the Google Drive iOS app at the App Store on your device. See Google Drive on iPhone and iPad for requirements, installation, and user instructions.

Other devices and mobile browsers: See Google Drive on other devices and mobile browsers to learn more.

Google Drive for Mac/PC

You can create real-time backups of your local documents in the cloud when you install the optional Google Drive for your Mac/PC. This local client for your desktop or laptop will automatically sync files that you are working in from your computer to the cloud. Automatically keep track of changes you make and keep all copies of your files up-to-date and accurate.