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Information for Military

Active Duty Military Tuition Benefit (In-State Eligibility)

*Important changes have been made to the requirements for Tuition Assistance for active duty military eligibiility for in-state tutiton*

Due to recent legislative changes (effective with the Fall 2007 semester), tuition assistance authorization forms no longer automatically qualify students for the in-state tuition rate.To be eligible for the in-state tuition rate, active duty military members must apply for the in-state tuition rate using the Active Duty Military Tuition Benefit Form. For full information about requirements please click here.

Members of the armed forces not domiciled in Virginia must submit a completed tuition assistance (TA) document to the University that covers at least a portion of the tuition for the semester for which they are enrolling. In addition, the military student's assigned command must have a "Special Arrangement Contract" (SAC) with Old Dominion University. These two elements form the basis of the in-state tuition eligibility for non-Virginia domiciled members of the armed forces enrolled in courses at Old Dominion University.

A TA document must be submitted for some portion of the student's total tuition for every semester that the military student is enrolled at Old Dominion University. The student is responsible for paying the portion of the tuition not covered by the TA, and submission of the TA document signifies that the student accepts liability for payment of the tuition not covered. This is an absolute requirement of Virginia law that governs domicile and tuition rates at state institutions and is a provision of the SAC with their command or facility.

The University processes the TA document to pay the covered amount.

Military In-State Tuition

Effective July 1, 2007, the Code of Virginia section 23-7.4 was amended to provide the following benefit: Active duty military, activated guard or reservist members, or guard or reservist members mobilized or on temporary active orders for six months or more, who are stationed or assigned by their military service to a Virginia work location/military installation, and are residing in Virginia, are eligible for the in-state tuition rate. To be eligible, the active duty military member must apply for the in-state tuition rate using the Active Duty Military Tuition Benefit Form. Verification of eligibility is through orders and proof of Virginia residence, which should be submitted with the application.

  • The benefit is not based on designation of Virginia in-state residency, but rather it places a limit on the amount of tuition the student may be charged.
  • Tuition Assistance authorization forms will not qualify students for the in-state tuition rate. The documentation specified below must be submitted in order to qualify for in-state rates.
  • The provision does not provide access to financial aid reserved for Virginia in-state residents and eligible students continue to be categorized as out-of-state (if appropriate) for reporting purposes.

Documentation required (you must submit this documentation EACH SEMESTER in which you plan to use this benefit):

  • A copy of the military orders which verify:
    • Active duty military status or activation of reservist/guard member, and
    • Work location/duty station within Virginia
  • Documentation verifying Virginia residence (such as utility bill, valid lease, etc.)
  • Copy of military identification card issued by the U.S. military.

MEM Ashore Program

MEM ashore program participants are subject to all financial policies at Old Dominion University unless exceptions are specifically noted. Students are encouraged to refer to the Office of Finance web site and the University Catalog for detailed information on policies and procedures.

The MEM Ashore Program's registration is not limited to the typical semester schedule, and tuition deadlines may not coincide with enrollment periods. Accordingly, the tuition is due at the time of registration. Financial penalties will apply to all unpaid accounts at the next account review cycle, which occurs on the first of each month.

If paying by Tuition Assistance (TA) or by a Graduate Education Voucher (GEV), submit the authorization form and personal payments to the Office of Finance.

TA and GEV authorizations that authorize payment of 100% of the changes may be faxed to 757-683-5407.

Eligible students may also use Veterans Affairs Benefits. Please contact your nearest Navy College Office for information regarding Tuition Assistance, to obtain points of contact for Veterans Affairs or to reach a Navy College representative.

The University has specific policies related to payment made by participants of these programs. Avoid financial penalties by making timely payments.

Veterans' Deferments

The University does not have control over the disbursement of funds from the Veterans' Administration. Students must pay all charges by the end date of the deferment period even if have not been received. The purpose of the deferment is to permit additional time for veterans, however the time is limited and cannot be extended beyond the published deadline.

Students participating in educational programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs may qualify for a deferment of tuition and fees (only). Interested students should contact the Office of the Registrar. Deferments are only granted if the appropriate paperwork has been processed by the Registrar's Office prior to the tuition deadline for each semester.

Veterans deferments are independent and should not be confused with other University payment arrangements. Students with debts to the University are not eligible.

Deferments expire on November 1 for fall, April 1 for spring, and August 1 for summer.

Sudden Withdrawal/Prolonged Absence

Students whose service in the uniformed services requires sudden withdrawal or prolonged absence from enrollment at ODU should review Board of Visitors Policy 1416.