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Direct Lending

Steps for Direct Lending

  1. File the FAFSA by February 15.
  2. Await your initial financial aid email notification, then accept the aid you desire.
  3. Respond to all requests for documents immediately.
  4. Must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree or certificate program.
  5. Once your financial aid records have been cleared, your account will be ready for "loan certification." Please note that your loan(s) cannot be certified until all required documentation has been received in our office and your account has been updated and reviewed.
  6. You will be notified by postcard when your promissory notes are ready for you to complete and sign.You may complete your Electronic Master Promissory Notes on-line by performing the following:
    1. Access the Direct Loan website for completing the Master Promissory Note electronically (E-MPN) at the StudentLoans.gov site. You must have a Department of Education P.I.N. to complete the Electronic Master Promissory Note.
    2. If you do not have a PIN you may request one by visiting the Federal Student Aid PIN website.

How Does the Process Work?

You will not need to sign a loan check. Any credit remaining on your account after institutional charges have been paid, will be mailed directly to your address of record.

One-half of your approved loan proceeds will be credited per semester. Please allow at least ten (10) working days from the date you submit your completed promissory note(s) to the financial aid office for your student account to be credited. Also, please note that federal regulations prohibit crediting aid prior to ten (10) days before classes begin. Remember responsibility for providing the financial aid office with required documentation lies with you. Your prompt attention to all requests from the financial aid office will greatly speed up the process of crediting loan proceeds to your account.

Students Who Have Not Previously Borrowed

If you have not previously borrowed through the federal aid programs, you are required to complete the Entrance Interview process online at the interview website.This session is designed to insure that you understand all the terms and conditions of your loan, and your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. For information regarding a Federal Direct PLUS or the G-PLUS Loan, please contact your financial aid counselor if you have any further questions.