Seats Available Career and Major Exploration - UNIV 120

If you are not sure what to do with your major, or are concerned that the major you have selected may not be the right choice for you, consider, UNIV 120 - Career and Major Exploration a 1 credit

hour course that offers  an opportunity to explore individual interests and discover career resources that can help define goals and develop strategies to achieve them. There are 16 seats still

available in the Thursday section of UNIV 120 (CRN 12714).  Register Today!

If you have questions about the course or difficulty registering please feel free to contact:

Alice L. Jones,

Director Student and Alumni Programs

Old Dominion University Career Management Center,

Division of Student Engagement  & Enrollment Services

Office: 757-683- 4034

Posted By: Alice Jones
Date: Wed Aug 21 19:26:10 EDT 2013