1.16.14- Screening & Discussion on "Workers Leaving the Googleplex" by Andrew Norman Wilson

Andrew Norman Wilson is a documentarian whose work focuses on Google's labor practices and its "authorial" power in regards to Google Books. His 2011 film, "Workers Leaving the Googleplex," features footage that Google has tried to suppress through threat of copyright legislation and his 2012 ScanOps exhibit features rejected pages from the scanning of millions of book pages for the GoogleBooks project. You can read more about Wilson's work here: http://www.andrewnormanwilson.com/artforumreview.html

Wilson's work engages with complex questions regarding the nature of digital labor (and exploitation) as well as the ambiguities within cultural and legal discourse between authorship/ownership/origination.

The event Thursday, January 16 taking place at 5:00-7:00 pm in BAL 9024 will include a screening of “Workers Leaving the Googleplex” and a discussion featuring the filmmaker, Andrew Norman Wilson and a panel of ODU scholars including Tim Anderson- Communications Department, Kenneth Fitzgerald- Art Department, David Roh- English Department, and D.E. Wittkower- Philosophy Department. 

We hope that you will join us! Please let Stacey Parks (sparks@odu.edu) know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Posted By: Stacey Parks
Date: Wed Jan 08 14:30:15 EST 2014