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Administrator of the Year (AUA)


Those nominated for this award must be designated by the University to be an administrative/professional (AP) faculty member. If you are not sure of your nominee's eligibility, please call Human Resources at (757) 683-3042 for clarification.


  • SERVICE. Evidence of major contributions that have made an impact on either the campus community or the off-campus community.
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Evidence of leadership, irrespective of administrative position; advocacy for students and/or staff; contributions to morale; improvements of processes and procedures; motivational, inspirational leadership style.
  • PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT. Evidence that the nominee has excelled in teaching, research, presentations, publications, continuing education and/or recognition by professional organizations which benefited the University.


Evidence of any outstanding qualities not categorized above.


1991 Pete Goldsmith, Dean of Students
1992 Clare Silva, Director of Academic Skills
1993 Jan Smith, Associate Director of Career Management Center
1994 Maggie Curry Williams, Executive Office for Student Affairs
1995 Judy Bowman, Executive Officer for Academic Affairs
1996 G W Thompson, Director of Academic Advising
1997 Catherine Austin, University Controller
1998 David Hager, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
1999 Anne Raymond Savage, Associate VP for Lifelong Learning
2000 Marty Sharpe, Director of University Planning and Institutional Research
2001 Bob Fenning, VP for Administration and Finance
2002 Betty Diamond, Director of Financial Aid
2003 Alice McAdory, Director of Admissions
2004 Sandy Waters, Director of Undergraduate Services
2005 Edie Barnett, Interim Vice Provost for Distance Learning
2006 Bill McMahon, Associate VP for Academic Affairs
2007 Nancy Bagranoff, Dean, College of Business
2008 Leigh Butler, Director of Teacher Education Services
2009 Dr. Terrell Perry, Instructional Designer, Center for Learning Technologies
2010 Terri Mathews, Assistant Dean, College of Sciences
2011 Glenda Humphreys, Vice President for Human Resources
2012 Worth Pickering, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment
2013 Lisa Mayes, Academic Enhancement