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ODU Workstations



ITS supports all applications purchased through the ODU Site License Program.

Computer Standards


ITS has developed a set of university-wide computer standards which should be reviewed before purchasing or upgrading your system or software.

Institutional Computer Purchase

Laptop typing

ITS has negotiated a purchase program with our preferred vendors to have PCs ordered from their factory suitable for most University faculty and staff.

Data Backups

ITS maintains a backup environment for all systems and data managed and served out of the data center. This backup environment takes periodic backups (incremental) of all files modified on a daily basis. All backups are scheduled to execute automatically without intervention at predetermined times throughout the day. Backup times are discussed and negotiated with system administrators and system owners and are not limited to prime hours.

Data Restore

Users can request data be restored from backups at any time. The server support group is the primary staff responsible for restoring files for customers. The primary tool made available to customers for file restoration is the email list serve call "Data Restore" In general, users can request files be restored by sending an email to datarestore@odu.edu; The email message should contain the following information:

  • The name of the file
  • The name of the server
  • The directory in which the file was stored
  • The last known date which the file was intact or uncorrupted

When the restoration has been completed, the customer will be contacted to arrange for the restored file to be returned. This is usually accomplished within 24 hours.

REMEMBER: Proper log out of your Windows workstation is essential to ensure ITS' ability to backup files. Leaving your workstation logged in keeps files in an "open" status that prevents back-up software from correctly performing its job.