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Proposal Development

From an original idea to actual submission, creating and writing a project proposal involves an intricate process requiring perseverance, organizational and time management skills; interpersonal negotiation and communication skills; the ability to accept feedback, often in the form of criticism; and the ability to handle rejection, make corrections and adjustments, and submit again.

The Grant Development Specialists in the Office of Research are available to provide feedback and editorial assistance on the non-technical aspects of your proposal by ensuring that you have adequately responded to all of the requirements of the Request for Proposal (RFP); by making sure that you have identified the University and its various colleges, departments and other features appropriately; and by providing feedback regarding the readability, logic and flow of the narrative. Please contact the Office of Research for assistance.

The links below will help you through the process by providing resources to produce a grammatically correct document that is free of spelling errors, tips and pointers for writing proposals whether they are to agencies or to foundations, and ending with information on how to design and implement an evaluation component for your project.

If you are interested in viewing a funded proposal, contact your College's Grant Development Specialist:

College of Arts & Letters; College of Business and Public Administration: Jackie Stein
College of Education: Melissa Hallman
College of Engineering: Karina Arcaute
College of Health Sciences: Elizabeth Saltzman
College of Sciences: Steve Landowne


Academic Writing

Proposal Development

Project and Outcomes Evaluations