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Honors College:Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for admission to the Honors College?

A: Please use the online application form available here. You will be asked to submit an essay online and to provide information about class rank, gpa, SAT or ACT scores.

Q: Are there minimum requirements for admission to the Honors College?

A: There are no minimum requirements. The typical high school student applying for the Honors College ranks in the top 10% of her/her graduating class, has 1200 SAT combined math & verbal score, and 3.5 or greater high school gpa. Transfer students must have at least a 3.8 college gpa.

Q: How will I know if I am admitted to the Honors Program?

A: All correspondence, including acceptance or denial letters, from the Honors College will be done through email. For current ODU students, all correspondence will go to your ODU account. For transfer and incoming first-year students, the email will be sent to the email address on your application.

Q: Are honors courses harder?

A: Not necessarily. Honors instructors have been challenged to make courses more enriching. Significant reductions in class size allow for more interaction with faculty and among students; collaborative projects, civic learning, and research-based activities are encouraged.

Q: Will honors courses take up too much of my study time?

A: Not necessarily. Honors courses tend to be faster paced and more intellectually challenging, but they should not require significantly more time than non-honors courses.

Q: As an Honors College student, will I take more classes than other students?

A: Yes and No.
The general education requirements for honors students are the same as for other students; the only difference is that Honors College students are required to use at least four honors courses to meet these requirements.

Honors College students will also transform two upper-level courses (often required in their major) into "Honors Contract Courses." These courses provide planned opportunities for the student to meet with the instructor to review, discuss, and revise the honors course assignments/components, which are often done as an alternative to some or all of the regular course assignments.

In addition, Honors college students are required to complete a one-credit civic learning project (HNRS 387) and a senior capstone course (HNRS 487) in order to enhance their academic portfolio in preparation for graduate school or a profession. If the tuition for HNRS 387 and HNRS 487 is not already covered by a scholarship, the Honors College will cover the tuition costs for these two classes.

Q: How do I apply to reside in the honors housing?

A: You will select honors housing as a preference when you apply for university housing using the online application available on the webpage for the Office of Housing and Residential Life (click here). Note: honors housing is assigned according to the date the housing application and deposit are received online by the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

Q: If I submit my Honors College contract, am I required to attend ODU?

A: No. The Honors College contract is not binding. We use that contract as a way to determine how many people may be in the Honors College. Also, acceptance to the Honors College does not confirm enrollment at ODU; the Office of Admissions must be contacted to confirm enrollment. You can always cancel your Honors contract with us by emailing us at Honors College or calling 757-683-4865.

For any other questions, please email us at Honors College.