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Information Systems & Technology Major:E-Business/E-Commerce Track

Information Systems & Technology Tracks

University Catalog

The information systems and technology major is designed to provide students with a technical background in information technology as well as a broad perspective of the business environment in which information technology plays a strategic role. The major emphasizes the development of business analysis and system implementation skills; these skills can provide a basis for job entry, career development and flexibility amid the rapid changes in information technology. Three distinct tracks are offered under the major.

Information Systems and Technology major-E-Business and E-Commerce track course work

IT 201 Introduction to Information Systems 3

IT 210 Business Applications with C++ 3

IT 310 GUI Programming with C++ 3

IT 317 Principles of Technology Architecture 3

IT 361 Systems Analysis 3

IT 415 Business Telecommunications and Networks 3

IT 450 Database Concepts 3

IT 461 Implementing Internet Applications 3

IT 464 Project Management in Information Systems 3

IT 473 Systems Design and Implementation 3

DSCI/MSCM 441 Supply Chain Management and Logistics 3

MKTG 450 Marketing on the Internet 3

200-400 level business elective* 3

International business elective** 3

* Can be any 200-400 level course offered by the College of Business and Public Administration, providing that the student has the appropriate prerequisites, except IT 360T and ECON 200.

** International Business electives: IT 425W, ACCT 450, ECON 450, FIN 435, MGMT 361, 462, 463, MKTG 411, MSCM 370

Courses included in the calculation of the 2.00 overall grade point average for major course work for graduation are: IT 201, 210, 310, 317, 361, 415, 450, 461, 464, 473, DSCI 441, MKTG 450 and the e-commerce elective.