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Plans & Accomplishments

Restructuring Act

In 2005, the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates passed landmark bills that granted Virginia's public colleges and universities greater operational and administrative autonomy in exchange for a renewed pledge to their public missions. Under this legislation, universities that demonstrate compliance with certain provisions would be eligible for the authority to manage various business practices with greater autonomy and be exempt from state regulatory procedures. Key among these conditions is that each institution is required to develop six-year financial, academic, and enrollment plans that outline tuition and fee estimates as well as enrollment projections, to develop detailed plans for meeting statewide objectives, and to accept number of accountability measures, including meeting benchmarks related to accessibility and affordability. Financial incentives are available to schools which meet state objectives.

Three levels of autonomy are available to all public institutions of higher education, with the level of autonomy depending on each institution's financial strength and ability to manage day to-day operations.

On July 15, 2009, Old Dominion University was granted Level II status in the areas of procurement and information technology.

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ODU Notice of Approval for Operational Authority
ODU Information Technology Spending Report FY13

IT Strategic Plan

The Old Dominion University Information Technology Strategic Plan outlines how ITS will contribute to the University's Strategic Plan. The components of the plan relate to the current year. The IT plan is currently under revision for FY11 in order to better align with the 2009-2014 University Strategic Plan and budget considerations.

Information Security Program

The Information Security Program provides a high-level view of the University's security controls and elements used to satisfy the laws and regulations relevant to information security. The Information Security Officer has delegated authority for the selection and implementation of security controls and manages the overall security program.