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Alcohol/Drug Assistance

Assistance For Alcohol Related Concerns

Have you ever...

  • Worried about your own or someone else's drinking?
  • Experienced problems related to your own or someone else's drinking?
  • Wondered how your parents' drinking while you were growing up has affected you?

You are not alone.

Resources available to help you address these concerns

  • Old Dominion University Counseling Services, (757) 683-4401 (also has information about additional resources in the community)
  • Old Dominion University Student Health Services, (757) 683-3132
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, (757) 490-3980
  • Narcotics Anonymous, (757) 459-8467
  • Alcohol Abuse 24-hour Addiction Assessment Information & Treatment Helpline, (800) 441-2731

Concerned about the impact of the drinking of someone close to you:

  • Al-Anon Information Service, (800) 344-2666 (for family members and friends of people
    having trouble with drinking)
  • Old Dominion University STAR (Students Teaching Alcohol Responsibility), (757) 683-5927

If you are interested in talking individually with a counselor or joining a support group to deal with Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) issues, come into the Office of Counseling Services, 1526 Webb Center, North Wing or call (757) 683-4401. All services are confidential.