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Filipino American Center

Filipino History


In line with Old Dominion's vision of a multicultural university, The Filipino American Center responds dynamically and creatively to the academic, educational, cultural, and social concerns of Filipino Americans. It serves as a resource and research center for Philippine history and culture and the Filipino American experience. It is a center for social interaction where Filipino culture and values are promoted, revitalized and celebrated. It serves as a cultural liaison to the University and the Hampton Roads communities. Its strategic location in the College of Arts and Letters allows for an integrated approach in crafting and encountering new avenues of culture with a distinctive academic orientation.

Goals & Objectives

  • To serve as a resource center for the University, the Philippine/ Filipino American and the Hampton Roads communities;
  • To organize cultural, education programs, lectures and seminars that highlight Philippine/ Filipino American culture in collaboration with other academic departments;
  • To develop cooperative relations and to serve as programming resource for the Philippine/ Filipino American and other communities in Hampton Roads;
  • To promote courses in Philippine/ Filipino American Studies and to plan Summer Study Abroad (Philippines);
  • To conduct research on relevant issues on the Philippine / Filipino Americans;
  • To raise funds to support the Summer Study Abroad (Philippines), research activities, and other programs;
  • To foster close linkages with the ODU Philippine/ Filipino American alumni by tapping their expertise as mentors for the students.

Facts about Filipino Americans

Filipino History

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Academic course offerings in Filipino-American Studies


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Examples of digital storytelling produced by students, as well as information about Tagalog Class offerings.


Great Computer Challenge 2014

While serving at Clark Air Base in Luzon during the early 1970's, Charles Burch and his family enjoyed learning about the Philippines and its people. During their stay there, they acquired a wide variety of artifacts, including woodcarvings, baskets, backpacks, a warrior's shield, and paintings.


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Filipino American publications.

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