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Women's Center

Mission Statement

The Women's Center offers programs and services designed to promote gender equity and address the unique challenges and opportunities female students encounter in the pursuit of higher education. Recognizing the critical role that both women and men play in promoting a safe environment free of gender bias, Center programs are designed to educate and inspire all students to achieve their personal, academic and professional potential.

Women's Center Recap of Spring '14 ALL 3 Adventure Trips are now FULL! More info coming soon for future trips!


ODU Women's Center Director, La Wanza Lett-Brewington, with the Honorable L. Douglas Wilder, 66th Governor of Virginia. Gov. Wilder was the Black History Month Keynote Speaker the Feb. 17th event held at Old Dominion University.

Faculty & Staff: Interpersonal Violence Incident Report (IPVIR) Form

Students: Contact the Assistant Director, Joann Bautti at 757-683-4109 or visit The Women's Center, 1000 Webb Center, 8am-5pm M-F. For 24-hour assistance call ODU Police Department at 757-683-4000 or 911.

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Sexual or Relationship Violence Anonymous Incident Form S.A.F.E. Click Here for Help

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WILD Brochure WILD Application

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A Man of Quality...

Is a positive role model for others
Is not afraid to express emotions
Challenges himself and others to be greater men of quality
Is kind and shows empathy to others
Values assertiveness over aggression
Respects women's equality

What do you think makes a Man of Quality?

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ODU Women's Center


Monarch Men

Looking for volunteer opportunities on campus? Get involved with the Women's Center!

Volunteers assist with staffing information tables, program setup and development as well as social norms campaigns and marketing. If you're interested, fill out the application below and submit it to Gretchen Edwards-Bodmer (gedwards@odu.edu) our Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator.

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History of the Center

The ODU Women's Center was founded in October 1976 and is the oldest center on a Virginia college campus that has served students for over 30 years.

According to Pat Hyer, a founding mother, two grandmother centers were at the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota (40th Annuall 2000). Founded as part of a movement of new centers designed for adult women considering entry or reentry into education or the workforce, often after children were grown or after a divorce. Over the years, we have continued assisting women with personal and professional development and specifically with transition issues to enter or return to college/workforce.

  • Offered Continuing Education Courses, 1978-1996
  • Four Take Back the Night Marches prior to and including 1983 (which included nationally recognized speakers Andrea Dworkin and Sonia Johnson).
  • A Take Back the Night Rally in the Spring of 2005.
  • Annual Every Woman's Festival, 1983-1991.
  • Returning Women's Services significantly enhanced, 1986-Present.
  • Sexual Assault Free Environment (S.A.F.E.) Program, 1990-Present.
  • Moved from the little house on "token row" to Webb University Center, November 1993.
  • Women's Institute for Leadership Development (W.I.L.D.), 1996-Present.
  • Involved in First Annual Womengineers Day in April 2001.

Awarness Themes

Students dancing

We offer various programs & events addressing women's and gender issues.




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S.A.F.E. Crisis Services

Women's Center Meeting

Online Resources

Young Female Explains

Find more information about various women's topics from a variety of external sources.

Returning Women

Student Move-In

Returning back to school can be a big decision for any type of family. Learn ways to adjust to all the changes.