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Grants & Contracts

Grants & Contracts for February & March 2013

The Research Foundation announces the following grants and contracts for February and March 2013. Award amounts are totals expected for the entire funding period. The list does not include supplements, modifications or other changes to existing grants or contracts. For awards that have more than one investigator, the first faculty member listed is the principal investigator.

STEVEN BECKER, community and environmental health, "DHS/DNDO Task Force Project 6"; Cazador, LLC, $378,309.

PETER BERNATH, chemistry and biochemistry, "Laboratory Astrophysics for Super-Earths"; NASA, $424,770.

JONNA BOBZIEN, communication disorders and special education, "The Utilization of Video Face Replacement Technology for Routine Clinical Procedures in Children with Autism"; ODU, $46,088. Co-PIs are CHUNG HAO CHEN, electrical and computer engineering, and ANN BRUHN, dental hygiene.

COLIN BRITCHER, mechanical and aerospace engineering, "The Monarch Wheel"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $9,000.

MECIT CETIN and ASAD KHATTAK, civil and environmental engineering, "Investigation of Sources of Congestion at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel"; Virginia Department of Transportation, $98,505.

FRANK DAY, biological sciences, "Long-term Linear Dynamics of a Coastal Barrier System"; University of Virginia, $15,000.

MARY ENDERSON, STEM education and professional studies, "Virginia Department of Education MASTERI (Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Reform Initiative)"; Virginia Department of Education, $298,795. Co-PIs are PHILIP REED and SHARON JUDGE, Darden College of Education, and RICHARD WHITTECAR, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences.

ROBERT GABLE and STEPHEN TONELSON, communication disorders and special education, "Virginia Tiered System of Support: Achieving Successful Outcomes for Students with Disabilities"; Virginia Department of Education, $664,853.

OSCAR GONZALEZ, electrical and computer engineering, "Control Analysis and Synthesis Methods for Autonomous Fault-tolerant Control"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $10,000.

HOLLY HANDLEY, engineering management, "Army Manprint-LEM-V-III"; Alion Science and Technology Corp., $149,847.

PATRICK HATCHER, chemistry and biochemistry, "A Service Agreement to Make Commercial Amounts of High-value Green Specialty Chemicals from a Biodiesel Process Using the ODU Wiped Film Evaporator for the Purpose of Determining Marketability and Commercial Scale-up"; Aqua Terra International, LLC, $3,045,185.

ASAD KHATTAK, civil and environmental engineering, "Development of Base Macro and Micro Models for the City of Virginia Beach"; city of Virginia Beach, $352,394. Co-PIs are PETER FOYTIK, MIKE ROBINSON and MECIT CETIN, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center.

DREW LANDMAN, mechanical and aerospace engineering, "High Reynolds Number Active Blowing Semi-span Force Measurement System Assessment and Development"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $16,520.

MOUNIR LAROUSSI, electrical and computer engineering, "Development and Testing of Plasma Source for Biomedical Applications"; Covidien Surgical Solutions, $101,460.

ROLAND LAWRENCE, engineering technology, and LINDA VAHALA, Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology, "Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Composites"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $34,801.

DEBRA MAJOR, psychology, "GES-RES - Patching the STEM Pipeline Between College and Work: Investigating Gender Issues in Embeddedness"; National Science Foundation, $168,601.

KURT MALY, computer science, "Continuation Funding for CHIRPXM"; CHIRPXM Inc., $35,824. Also, "Mobile Application Guides"; E&E Enterprises, $105,000. Also, "Resite Infrastructure Research and Analysis"; Resite Online Inc., $9,111. Also, "Continuation Funding SIMIS Software Research Design and Development"; SIMIS Inc., $12,936, $12,936 and $9,425.

SYLVAIN MARSILLAC and SHIRSHAK DHALI, electrical and computer engineering, "Development of a Test Facility for Photovoltaic Systems"; Dominion Resources Services, $500,000.

MARGARET MULHOLLAND and PETER SEDWICK, ocean, earth and atmospheric sciences, "Collaborative Research: Impacts of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on the Biogeochemistry of Oligotrophic Coastal Waters"; National Science Foundation, $292,177 and $140,336.

DALE NASH, Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, "FY13 VCSFA Operations"; Virginia Department of Transportation, $5,000,000. Also, with BILLIE REED, VCSFA, "Demo Launch"; Orbital Science Corp., $500,000.

MANWO NG, modeling, simulation and visualization engineering, "Synergistic Traffic Counting: A Cost-Effective Solution to Traffic Count Collection"; University of Virginia, $40,000.

JERRY ROBERTSON, ODU Business Gateway, "Veterans Business Outreach Center Program - Boots to Business"; Small Business Administration, $59,000.

MARY SANDY, Virginia Space Grant Consortium, "Debbie Murray to RIT Future Stewards Program Innovation and mentoring Meeting"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $1,180. Also, "Debbie Murray to Attend a NASA Education/Recruiting Activity in Charlotte, N.C."; NIAA, $2,557.

SOLOMON SHERFEY, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, "Hurricane Evacuation Encouragement Demonstrator Phases 3-6"; Virginia Department of Emergency Management, $75,000.

TANCY VANDECAR-BURDIN, Social Science Research Center, "DBHDS Human Rights Office Consulting Services - Stakeholder Feedback/Human Rights Regulations Quick Quote"; Virginia Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation, $12,062. Also, "QMR Family Interviews"; Virginia Department of mental Health/Mental Retardation, $17,309.

LEPOSAVA VUSKOVIC, physics, "Characterizing Supersonic Flow with Inert Gases"; National Institute of Aerospace Associates, $19,881.

STEVEN WALK, engineering technology, "Info Graphics Competition Project"; World Tech International, LLC, $4,500. Co-PIs are MICHELE WEIGLE, computer science, and YUZHONG SHEN, modeling, simulation and visualization engineering.