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Profacts Received through September 2012

ProFacts welcomes post-announcements from faculty and staff regarding professional achievements. Items may be submitted for: Appointments/Elections, Awards, Books, Certifications, Commissions, Compositions/Arrangements, Degrees, Exhibitions, Papers/Presentations, Patents, Performances and Publications. Send your submissions to: sdaniel@odu.edu.

The following announcements were received through September 2012.


DAVID BASCO, professor of civil engineering and director of the Coastal Engineering Center appointed a member of the Coastal Engineering Research Board (CERB) for the U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers. The CERB functions as an advisory board to the chief of engineers.

JANE GLASGOW, director of the ODU Child Development and Child Study Centers, appointed to the National Coalition of Campus Children's Center's board for 2013-2016 as a member at large.


RENEE DUNMAN, assistant vice president for equity and diversity, the American Association for Affirmative Action President's Award for 2012. She also received a Strong, Smart & Bold award from the Girls Inc. of Southwest Hampton Roads Center for Youth.

RADHA HORTON-PARKER, associate professor of counseling and human services, began serving as president of the Association for Adult Development and Aging in June. AADA is one of the 19 chartered divisions of the American Counseling Association, and is the only division dedicated exclusively to adult development. This national association serves as a focal point for sharing, professional development and advocacy related to adult development and aging issues, and it addresses counseling concerns across the lifespan.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, elected a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. APS is a 22,500-member organization dedicated to the advancement of scientific psychology and its representation at the national and international level. Its mission is to promote, protect, and advance the interests of scientifically oriented psychology in research, application, teaching and the improvement of human welfare. She was also elected a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. APA is the world's largest association of psychologists, with more than 137,000 members. Its mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives.

GEORGE MCLEOD, GIS systems engineer and adjunct professor of geography; JOHN LOMBARD, associate professor and chair of urban studies and public administration and executive director of the E.V. Williams Center for Real Estate and Economic Development; and Sara Kidd, senior regional planner with the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (lead author), second place for "Best Data Integration" in the ESRI International User Conference Map Gallery competition for their map and poster, "Reality Check Hampton Roads" poster session. The conference, held in San Diego, is the largest vendor of GIS software in the world. An ODU story about Reality Check Hampton Roads can be found at http://ww2.odu.edu/ao/news/media.php?todo=details&id=32084.


ROBERT HOLDEN, professor of Latin American history, and Rina Villars, "Contemporary Latin America: 1970 to the Present" (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell).

JEFFREY JONES, director of the Institute of Humanities and associate professor,

and Geoffrey Baym, editors, "News Parody and Political Satire Across the Globe" (Routledge, 2012).

JOHN MORRIS, professor of urban studies and public administration, and Gerald Andrews Emison (lead author), editors, "True Green: Executive Effectiveness in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency" (Lexington Books, 2012).

ANDREAS TOLK, professor of engineering management and systems engineering, editor of ""Ontology, Epistemology, and Teleology for Modeling and Simulation: Philosophical Foundations for Intelligent M&S Applications" (Intelligent Systems Reference Library Vol. 44, Springer, Heidelberg, Germany).


JOHN ADAM, University Professor of Mathematics, "Zero-order 'Rainbows', Electromagnetic Wave Equations and Poles of the Scattering Matrix: What's All that About?" at MathFest 2012, the annual meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, in Madison, Wis.

STELLA BONDI, assistant professor of engineering technology, "Minimizing Uncertainty of Mechanical Properties in Selected Composite Materials," an invited plenary address at the World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society conference in Malta. At the same conference, she also presented two additional research topics: "Effect of Retrofitting on Flexural Rigidity of Rectangular FRP Plates," by STEVEN MAKONIS, doctoral student in civil and environmental engineering; Bondi; and ZIA RAZZAQ, Zia Razzaq, professor of civil and environmental engineering; and "Uncertainty Assessment for Material Selection at Conceptual Design: Complementarities of Probabilistic and Evidence Approaches" by Bondi; RESIT UNAL, professor of engineering management; and Trina Chytka of NASA Langley Research Center.

FRAN HASSENCAHL, associate professor of communication, "Speaking for the Subaltern: Three Films that Portray the Victims of Landmines" at the 3rd International Conference on Communication and Media Studies, Famagusta, Turkish North Cyprus.

INGO HEIDBRINK, professor of history, "Colonization and Nationalization of the Open Seas - New Interpretations of the Conflicts on Marine Resources in the post World War II Period" at the 6th International Congress of Maritime History/International Maritime Economic History Association, Ghent, Belgium. Also, "Course 180: European Factory Freezer Trawlers Operating in the South Atlantic and the Southern Ocean (1970-2000)" at the 17th World Economic History Congress 2012, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Also, "The Cod-Wars Revisited: New Insights in the History of the Cod Wars After the Opening of the NATO Archives" for the Institute for International Affairs - Centre for Small State Studies, University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

JOHN HOLSINGER, Eminent Professor Emeritus of biological sciences, "Distribution of Stygobiotic Amphipod Species in Glaciated Regions of Carbonate and Non-carbonate Bedrock in Ohio, USA." Co-authors are Erin Hazelton and Horton Hobbs III of Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, and Katie Anderson, EPA, of Columbus, Ohio.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, and VALERIE MORGANSON, graduate of the industrial/organizational psychology doctoral program, "Applying Industrial-Organizational Psychology to Help Organizations and Individuals Balance Work and Family" at the Work and Family Researchers Network Conference, New York, N.Y.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, VALERIE MORGANSON, graduate of the industrial/organizational psychology doctoral program, and Karin Orvis of the Army Research Institute, "Predicting Professional Development in the Sciences" at the 30th International Congress of Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, Karin Orvis of the Army Research Institute, VALERIE MORGANSON, graduate of the industrial/organizational psychology doctoral program, and KRISTINA BAUER, industrial/organizational psychology graduate student, "Integrating Proactive Personality into a SCCT Model to Predict Professional Development" at the American Psychological Association Convention, Orlando, Fla.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, HEATHER LAUZUN, industrial/organizational psychology graduate student, and DANTE MYERS, undergraduate psychology major, "Contributions of Preventive Coping and Supervisor Support to Reducing Work Interference with Family" at the American Psychological Association Convention, Orlando, Fla.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, and John Scott of APTMetrics, "SIOP's Role in APA: Opportunities for Working Together" at the American Psychological Association convention, Orlando, Fla.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, and VALERIE STREETS, industrial/organizational psychology graduate student, "The Short-term and Long-term Benefits of Networking - Insights from Research and Experience" at the American Psychological Association convention, Orlando, Fla.

ADELA ROXAS, educational and athletic support specialist and assistant professor, a poster presentation, "Relationships of Religious Coping and Psychological Mindedness to Adolescent Adjustment," at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla.

ANDREAS TOLK, professor of engineering management and systems engineering, an invited four day mini-lecture series on the "Engineering Principles of Combat Modeling and Distributed Simulation" at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon, South Korea.

SONIA YACO, Special Collections librarian and university archivist, Ann Jimerson, senior specialist in behavior change at Family Health International in Washington, D.C., and ROBERT SAWYERS, master's student in history, "Desegregation of Virginia Education (DOVE) on the Eastern Shore: What We Learned When We Got There," a poster session for the Society of American Archivists in San Diego, Calif.


FRAN HASSENCAHL, associate professor of communication, a book chapter, "Framing Women's Issues in The Fountain Magazine" in "The Gulen Hizmet Movement and its Transnational Activities: Case Studies of Altruistic Activism in Contemporary Islam," Sophia Pandya and Nancy Gallagher, editors (Brown Walker Press, 2011). Also, a chapter, "On the Road or Between the Pages: Seeking Life's Answers," in "Global Perspectives on Orhan Pamuk: Existentialism and Politics," Menhaz Afridi and David Buyze, editors (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). Also, a chapter, "Experiencing Hüzün Through the Loss of Life, Limb, and Love in Bahman Ghobadi's 'Turtles Can Fly,'" in "Never There: Lost and Othered Children in Contemporary Cinema," Debbie Olson and Andrew Scahill, editors (Lexington Books, 2012).

ROBERT HOLDEN, professor of Latin American history, "La Iglesia y la independencia del Reino de Guatemala" in "Política y religión en la independencia de la América hispana," Josep-Ignasi Saranyana and Juan Bosco Amores Carredano, editors (Madrid: BAC, 2011).

JEFFREY JONES, director of the Institute of Humanities, "Fox News and the Performance of Ideology" in vol. 41, no. 4 of Cinema Journal.

STEVE MYRAN, assistant professor of educational foundations and leadership, "Building the Foundation for Data-based Decision Making in a School/University Leadership Preparation Partnership in vol. 13, no. 1 of NCPEA, Education Leadership Review. Co-authors are KAREN SANZO, associate professor of EFL, and JENNIFER CLAYTON, a former doctoral student. Also, with Clayton, "The Tension Between Accountability and 'Formativity': Implications for Educational Planning" in vol. 21, issue 1 of Educational Planning. XIXI WANG, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, "Development of a Robust Runoff-prediction Model by Fusing the Rational Equation and a Modified SCS-CN Method" in vol. 57, no. 6 of Hydrological Sciences Journal. Co-authors are Tingxi Liu, dean and professor, College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Hohhot, China, and Wanhong Yang, professor of geography, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.