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Profacts Through April 2014

ProFacts welcomes post-announcements from faculty and staff regarding professional achievements. Items may be submitted for: Appointments/Elections, Awards, Books, Certifications, Commissions, Compositions/Arrangements, Degrees, Exhibitions, Papers/Presentations, Patents, Performances and Publications. Send submissions to: sdaniel@odu.edu and ggenard@odu.edu.

The following announcements were received through April 2014.


CRAIG A. BAYSE, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, appointed to the Sophomore Inorganic Chemistry Examination Committee of the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education's Examination Institute.

SHUIWANG JI, assistant professor of computer science, appointed in 2014 as associate editor of the journal IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. He also currently serves as an associate editor of the journals BMC Bioinformatics and Neurocomputing.

APRIL HICKS KONVALINKA, executive director of housing and residence life, elected to the Association of College & University Housing Officers - International executive board in the role of facilities & physical environment director. This is a two-year appointment.


Albert Marra, adjunct, teaching and learning, a Coast Guard Special Achievement Award for his work translating key documents related to the grounding and sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship in Italy approximately two years ago. Marra has been a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for the past 19 years. He is also a member of Flotilla 51 (Virginia Beach), and has been a certified member of their Interpreter Corps, certified in Italian and Spanish, for a little over two years.

JANET PEERY, University Professor of creative writing, the 2013 Idaho Review Fiction Prize for her short story "Tough Love," appearing in the winter 2014 issue. Also, the 2013 StoryQuarterly Fiction Prize for her short story "No Boy at All," appearing in the winter 2014 issue of The Literary Magazine of Rutgers-Camden.


PETER ADAMS, adjunct instructor of English, "Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism" (University of Michigan Press).

Mickey Kosloski, assistant professor, and Sharon Davis, senior lecturer, STEM education and professional studies, a textbook, "Retailing and E-tailing" (Goodheart-Willcox Publisher). http://www.g-w.com/retailing-etailing-2015


JOHN A. ADAM, University Professor and professor of mathematics, "Guesstimation, Fermi Problems and the Geometric Mean" to faculty and students at TCC Norfolk.

JANET BING, professor of English, "How Effective Is Pranking as Social Protest?" at the International Society for Humor Studies in Williamsburg.

SHARON RAVER-LAMPMAN, professor of communication disorders and special education, "Providing Instructor Notes: Impact on University Student Learning" at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences Conference for Academic Disciplines in Valletta, Malta. Also, with PEGGY HESTER, professor of CDSE, "Teaching Grammatical Structure to Preschoolers with Hearing Loss Using a Hearing Peer" at the International Conference on Education in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also, with CORRIN RICHELS, assistant professor, JONNA BOBZIEN, assistant professor, ELLEN BROWNING, doctoral student, and PEGGY HESTER, professor, CDSE, "Using a Peer to Teach Grammatical Form to Preschoolers with Hearing Loss" at the International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families in San Francisco.

EUNICE WINE, site director for Southern Virginia Higher Education Center and the Southside Virginia Community College Christanna and J.H. Daniel campuses, "Financial Aid as a Retention Predictor" at the VCCS New Horizons Conference.


JANET BING, professor of English, "Gotcha: What Social Activists can Learn from Pranksters" in vol. 36, no. 2 of Women and Language. Also, with JOANNE SCHEIBMAN, associate professor of English, "Feminist Humor as Thought Experiment: Blended Spaces as Subversive Humor" in Delia Chiaro and Raffaella Baccolini (Eds.) "Gender and Humor, Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives" (Routledge).

SHARON RAVER-LAMPMAN, professor of communication disorders and special education, "Enhancing Service Coordination Knowledge Through Professional Development" in vol. 26, no. 2 of Infants & Young Children. Co-authors are Dana Childress (lead author, Virginia Commonwealth University; ANNE MICHALEK, lecturer of communication disorders and special education; and CORRINE WILSON, ODU grant.

SHARON RAVER-LAMPMAN, professor of communication disorders and special education, "Impact of an Activity Mini-schedule on the Attention of Preschoolers with Cochlear Implants During a Group Activity" in vol. 36, no. 2 of Education and Treatment of Children. Co-authors are PEGGY HESTER, professor, ANNE MICHALEK, lecturer, DANA CHO, doctoral student, and NICOLE ANTHONY, doctoral student, CDSE.

SHARON RAVER-LAMPMAN, professor of communication disorders and special education, "Using a Child-specific Social Story to Improve Communication and Social Skills in Two Preschoolers with Cochlear Implants: An Exploratory Case Study" in vol. 15, no. 2 of Deafness and Education International, Co-authors are PEGGY HESTER, professor, CDSE; ANNE MICHALEK, lecturer, CDSE; JONNA BOBZIEN, assistant professor, CDSE; ANN MAYDOSZ, assistant director, Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Program; and CORRIN RICHELS, assistant professor, CDSE.

LUCINDA RUSH, education reference librarian, and D.E. WITTKOWER, assistant professor of philosophy, "Exploiting Fluencies: Educational Expropriation of Social Networking Site Consumer Training" in vol. 4, no. 3 of Digital Culture & Education.

SVJATOSLAV TKACHENKO, former Ph.D. student, "Measurement of the Structure Function of the Nearly Free Neutron Using Spectator Tagging in Inelastic 2H(e,e'ps)X Scattering with CLAS" in Physical Review C 89 as an "Editor's Suggestion" (http://journals.aps.org/prc/). Among the more than 100 co-authors are SEBASTIAN KUHN, Eminent Scholar and professor of physics; JIXIE ZHANG, former Ph.D. student; and STEPHEN BULTMANN, associate professor of physics. This publication is the result of research of the Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics group at ODU over the last 12 years, funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. The above link contains a short synopsis of the publication and the research it is based on.

D.E. WITTKOWER, assistant professor of philosophy, "Facebook and Dramauthentic Identity: A Post-Goffmanian Model of Identity Performance on SNS" in vol. 19, no. 4 of First Monday. http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/4858/3875