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Professional Development Center


STEM/Engineering Summer Camps

Upcoming Classes

Continuing education and training with the adult student in mind

Our courses are designed for adult learners in content and logistics. A student should be able to use what they learn in class, the next day on their job. Most courses are delivered in the late afternoon to early evening at a variety of locations....AND online.

Do you want to advance your career and improve your skills?

On this website you will find certificates, workshops and courses and conferences that have been designed with adults needs in mind. We deliver these courses in an open enrollment format (open to the general public) and a contract training course (customized to your employees needs.)

Mission Statement

The Professional Development Center is the institutional conduit for engineering, technical and technical management courses between the intellectual capital of the University and the needs of the community. We infuse cutting-edge technology into innovative continuing education programs that contribute to success of our students in the real world. We are committed to exceptional service tailored to meet the needs of individuals, corporations and the military.