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Department of PhysicsAcademics

Undergraduate Program

Most physics students have an innate curiosity about nature, and they heavily utilize mathematics to describe nature. To serve a variety of career objectives and interests, the physics department offers five tracks leading to a baccalaureate degrees.

Graduate Program

The doctoral and masters program provides broad curricular instruction in classical and modern physics. The Ph.D. degree further requires intensive training in one of several specialty areas of the Physics Department faculty.

Degree Programs

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Physics B.S. Program
  • Track A (Research) is designed primarily for students preparing to do graduate study in physics and related fields or for students preparing to work professionally upon completion of the B. S. degree in various technical fields requiring the strongest preparation in physics.
  • Track B (Professional) is designed for students who wish to create a specialized program of study which combines a strong foundation in physics with strong preparation in another field. Such other fields include engineering, medicine, computer science, business, and communications, to name a few.
  • Track C (Education) is designed for students who are preparing to be high school physics teachers. This curriculum provides a solid foundation in both contemporary physics and in education pedagogy.
  • Track D is a five-year, dual degree program in physics and electrical engineering. Students will receive a B.S. and B.S.E.E. upon graduation. Track D provides the highest level of preparation for both graduate school and positions in industry.
  • Track E is a five-year Bachelor of Science in physics and Master of Business Administration dual degree program. After students have satisfactorily completed their undergraduate requirements, they complete 30 credit hours in the M.B.A. program.