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Department of PhysicsInstructional Support



Supports the undergraduate learning program by effectively managing the department's undergraduate labs, planetarium, and technical resources.


  • Setup, repair and maintain technical training equipment.
  • Design, fabricate and manage physics classroom demostration devices.
  • Supervise lab instructors and manage undergraduate teaching labs.
  • Classroom and lab scheduling.
  • Supervise planetarium instructors and manage day to day operations.
  • Support college research by test and repair of electronic equipment.
  • Manage department's training and research technical resources.

ODU Physics Department Classroom Demonstrations

This website is an ongoing project to create a comprehensive library of physics demonstrations available at the ODU Physics Department. This library is possible due to the efforts of Dr. Larry Weinstein. During his years of teaching he purchased, designed, and built many of the demos contained here. While there are nearly 200 demos available, we are always looking to add to the list. If you have any suggestions for demonstrations, or ideas to make this list more useful, please feel free to contact the Laboratory and Research Specialist.

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