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Overview & Responsibilities

Risk Management Plan

Our Risk Management Plan encompasses more than just insurance, worker safety, and legal liability management. It includes an ongoing and complex process of assessing and monitoring the environmental, reputational, economical, and social risks of the institution, along with supporting its foundations, community and business partners, and everyone dedicated to carrying out the mission of the University.

Our charge is to strive to recognize intolerable risk through assessment, mitigation, and supporting management strategies thus helping to preserve our valuable resources. Our strategies include transferring vast or intolerable risk to other parties, reducing risk to acceptable levels, avoiding uncertain risk where possible, or accepting some or all of the risk when adequate controls permit.

Internal Practices & Policies

  • Influencing the University's assessment of its risks and its strategic objectives.
  • Enhancing risk response decisions; risk avoidance, reduction, sharing and acceptance.
  • Reducing operational inconsistencies and losses.
  • Identifying, analyzing, and treating multiple and cross-enterprise risks.
  • Seizing opportunities when availabe.
  • Influencing the deployment of capital with appropriate risk management strategies.