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Major Exploration & Academic Resources


Center for Major Exploration

Provides major exploration advising for undecided students. You can take career assessments such as the Self Directed Search (SDS) and FOCUS to evaluate your interests, abilities, and skills. A CME advisor will help you interpret your results and discuss career and major selection options.

Career Management Center

Provide assistance with career planning, finding internships and job search.

Counseling Services

Provides career counseling sessions and utilizes career assessments, such as the Self-Directed Search, Strong-Campbell and Myers-Briggs.

Student Sucess

Provides students with services which include tutoring, mentoring, and academic support.

Family Connection

Provides families with an opportunity to stay connected to ODU and learn more about the programs designed to help students succeed.

Major & Career Exploration Resources

To help you find an appropriate career and research it, please use the following resources:

Academic Resources

-Watch videos about the majors offered at ODU

-Visit departmental websites

-Read sample 4-year plans