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Field Experiences

Observation & Practicum

Teacher In Classroom

In the observation assignment, you are required to complete 30-hour observation and participation experience in local educational agencies.

Teacher Candidate Internship

Kindergarten Teacher and Children

ODU Field Experience Clearance Procedures

Black Notebook

Students in approved teacher education preparation programs are required to complete a clearance process when registering for field placement.

Teacher Candidate Internship Evaluations

Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding profession. The teacher internship is the capstone feld experience of your program. Professionally, teacher candidates should demonstrate their commitment to a successful internship experience. This commitment is reflected by the teacher candidate's efforts in three areas that comprise: Professional Disposition, Efective Skills and Instruction, and Knowledge of the Specific Content Area.

The candidate is evaluated in these three areas during the teacher candidate internship.

Complete the Teacher Candidate Internship Evaluations