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Student Response System/Course Capture

Students Participating In Class

Student Response System

ODU has standardized on the Turning Point Technologies Student Response System. It combines interaction and assessment to enhance the classroom experience. Using RF transmitters (also called clickers), all students can answer questions and with a simple click of a button. Results are instantly charted and displayed for real-time student feedback and lesson refinement-allowing you to make the most of your class time.

Information for Faculty

Please e-mail classroomcentral@odu.edu or contact the ITS Help Desk to schedule a demonstration of the product.

Please provide ITS the following information if you would like to use Turning Point Technologies:

  • Faculty name
  • Course information (meeting time/date and location)
  • Number of students enrolled

Training and documentation are provided by the Center for Learning & Teaching (CLT). The Center for Learning & Teaching schedules Turning Point Technologies training sessions prior to the beginning of each semester. (view on-line training schedule)

During the semester, you may contact CLT (clt@odu.edu) to receive training using the Turning Point Technologies equipment in their faculty development lab.

Classroom Course Capture

Classroom Central can provide faculty the ability to record your class lectures and all images being displayed through the ceiling mounted data projector in Technology Classrooms. These recordings can be made available to students via Blackboard.

Please contact Classroom Central for additional information about this service, a demonstration of the service or to request Classroom Course Capture. Provide your name and time, date, and location of class if you would like to use Classroom Course Capture