Teaching a live distance course in Spring? Two workshops for you.

Teaching a live distance course in Spring? Two workshops for you.


If you’re teaching a live distance course in Spring,
you’ll want to participate in one or both of these informative workshops:

Logistics for Live Distance Learning Courses

Tuesday, November 19th  from 10am-noon in Gornto 218

Engaging Students in Live Distance Learning Courses 

Wednesday, November 20th  from 10am-noon in Gornto 218


The Center for Learning and Teaching invites you to a two part series designed to offer you guidance for engaging your students and managing the administrative details of your live distance learning course.

In the Logistics workshop (on November 19th), you’ll learn how to manage real-time delivery to your students watching you at ODU’s extended classroom sites, about the archive that is available via asynchronous video to all of your students. In addition, you’ll learn about bookstore services, materials distribution, testing and student assessment, how to find and manage your course roster, and course evaluation.  You’ll also get an orientation to the extended campus classroom site directors and their roles.

In the Engaging Distance Students workshop (on November 20th), you’ll learn new methods of interaction, collaboration, assessment, and presentation.  Presentation strategies and techniques will show you new ways that you can engage students with content; Collaboration will discuss ways to engage students with your students at distant sites.  A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on practice in presenting content, and using current best practices for design and development that ensure clarity, legibility, and presentation of content in interesting ways.

The workshops will be available, as well, via live two-way video, for instructors who cannot participate from the Gornto classroom.

Registration is required for each workshop:   Log in at http://clt.odu.edu and use the teachODU module or click EVENTS in the top navigation.

For more information or a one-on-one session: Send email to clt@odu.edu or phone Susan Boze at 683-3172. 


Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Thu Nov 14 10:17:21 EST 2013