Important Payroll Information

Important Web Time Entry Payroll Information

Thanksgiving Holiday - Web Time Entry Reminders - Classified Employees Only

Web Time Entry Deadlines for the November 10 – November 24 pay period

Employee Deadlines

All classified employees must submit their time sheets for approval by 11:59 p.m. on November 19, 2013. Please enter hours for the entire pay period.

This will require all non exempt employees to enter estimated hours for leave taken, and hours worked in advance for November 20 – November 24, 2013.

All exempt employees are required to enter estimated leave taken in advance from November 20 – November 24, 2013.   

Approver & Proxy Deadlines

Approvers and Proxies must approve all classified time sheets by 10:00 a.m. on November 20, 2013 for the November 10th through November 24th pay period.  Please verify that each of your employees have entered all hours worked and leave taken for the entire pay period November  10, 2013 – November 24, 2013. Hours entered for November 20 – November 24 will be estimated and entered in advance.


Procedure for correcting estimated hours worked or leave taken for the November 10th – November 24th pay period:

Employees who need to make changes to their estimated hours worked or leave taken submitted in advance for November 20 – November 24, should submit a Manual Time sheet to Payroll by December 3, 2013.

Employees who work additional hours from November 20 – November 24 should submit a manual time sheet by December 3, 2013 to be paid on December 16, 2013.  Payroll Questions – Please call 683-4337 or 683-3014.

Posted By: Gloria Boone
Date: Fri Nov 15 16:03:40 EST 2013