"What the Best College Teachers Do" author's keynote ODU address is now available for viewing


At last May’s Faculty Summer Institute on Teaching and Learning, Dr. Ken Bain, historian, educator, and author of the international best seller “What the Best College Teachers Do” (Harvard University Press, 2004), delivered a thought-provoking keynote address entitled “Learning By Design: How to Foster Deep Learning.” 


The nearly 150 Institute participants saluted Dr. Bain’s interactive approach to both his lecture and his style of teaching and learning.  He encourages teachers to “find the question” that their students most want answered.  That question, he says, will engage them and will make them want to learn.


Ken Bains’ thoughtful and inspirational keynote address is now available for viewing on the Center for Learning and Teaching’s website at http://clt.odu.edu/si/2013/keynote/.  We encourage you to view it, enjoy it, and learn from it.

Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Thu Sep 19 14:10:23 EDT 2013