Opera at the Hermitage

The Hermitage Museum & Gardens will host the Tidewater Opera Initiative on Saturday, September 28th at 12:00 p.m. This newly formed partnership brings the opera to the gardens of the Hermitage, providing the opportunity to experience the opera outside of its usual setting.

The Tidewater Opera Initiative presents Così Fan Tutte

The Tidewater Opera Initiative is a newly formed organization dedicated to the development of local professional opera singers. Each year TOI showcases promising young opera singers in a full scale opera production.  This year's inaugural production of Cosi Fan Tutte sold out quickly, even with the addition of a third performance night! Thanks to funding from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, the Hermitage is able to host an additional performance for all of those who were not able to get tickets to the initial shows.

The title, Così fan tutte, is loosely translated into "Women are like that," suggesting that women are not eternally faithful. The opera's theme of fiancée swapping was often viewed as too risqué in the 19th and 20th centuries and was rarely performed. In the late 1980's renowned stage director, Peter Sellars, put a new spin on the comic opera by setting the stage in a seaside diner in the 1950's. Two sailors join in on a wager to determine if their fiancées, like all women, are fickle. They disguise themselves as visitors from oversees and each attempt to seduce the other's lover.

Come to the Hermitage to discover whether the women will be faithful, or will be fickle.

Posted By: Brian Nedvin
Date: Fri Sep 20 06:48:40 EDT 2013