Shift the Power!

Want to learn more about what connects social, health, and environmental issues?

Want to feel the energy of over 10,000 youth activists over an amazing weekend?

Want to gain the skills, know-how, connections, and inspiration that you need to enact real change on campus and in the community?

Join us at Power Shift 2013, October 18-21, in Pittsburgh, PA!  Free housing is available to the first five from ODU who register, and scholarships (and other funding) are available!

Experience vital trainings and workshops, a state breakout to determine how activists across Virginia can help one another, inspiring keynote speakers, performance by popular music artists, and so, SO much more! Hey, we live in the second-most climatically threatened city in the country, with the largest coal pier in North America, quickly depleting marine keynote species, and more. Power Shift will give you the tools that you need to help Norfolk turn things around!

Registration closes soon! Visit and see the attached infographic for more information.

Interested? Contact Erin Fagan, student and Power Shifter, for more information over some free coffee!

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Posted By: Erin Fagan
Date: Fri Sep 20 02:19:58 EDT 2013