4.10.14- The Authority og the Digital- Presenting David Golumbia

The Institute for the Humanities is pleased to co-sponsor a talk by Dr. David Golumbia (VCU) next Thursday, April 10 from 5:30-7:30PM in BAL 9024.

Dr. Golumbia's talk is titled: The Authority of the Digital. It explores how libertarian and neo-liberal ideologies have characterized scholarly and societal attitudes toward the digital freedom. A description is below:

Cyberlibertarianism is characterized as the view that increased digitization inherently or inevitably leads toward increased personal and political freedom. Cyberlibertarianism should not be understood as a direct embodiment of libertarian political philosophy, but rather as an ideological formation which offers little or no resistance to libertarian and neoliberal political programs, and which shifts political authority to those who identify with "the digital" while providing adherents the appearance of contributing to political projects they may endorse. Despite a notable lack of grounding in existing scholarly research and political thought and action, cyberlibertarianism grows in power and influence in our society, both inside and outside the university. 

Dr. Golumbia is the author of The Cultural Logics of Computation (Harvard University Press, 2009) and an avid blogger at http://uncomputing.org

Dr. Golumbia is the keynote speaker for the Humanities Unbound works-in-progress conference organized by the English Graduate Organization, the Rhetoric Society of ODU, and MediaCommons.

Dr. Golumbia's talk is co-sponsored by MediaCommons, the English Graduate Organization, the Rhetoric Society of ODU, and the Department of Communications.

Please join us.

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Posted By: Stacey Parks
Date: Wed Apr 02 11:29:44 EDT 2014