Cyber Safety: A Bystander’s Guide

Cyber Safety: A Bystander’s Guide

You are going about your day when your Twitter account blows up with inappropriate posts based on someone’s appearance, race, gender or perceived sexuality, etc. What do you do?


If you respond on line:

Respect yourself and others; think before you hit send. Words typed or pictures posted on a screen can travel far and wide in minutes. They can cause lasting harm.

Keep it clean. Sending inappropriate pictures, comments or illegal content to friends, can come back to haunt you. Simply tell people, Cut it out, or That’s not okay.

Another option is to check in with the target:

Send a message and ask, “Are you all right?” If they are a student, tell them the University can help them address the behavior if it’s harassing, abusive, and/or bullying.

Refer them to the services listed on the back. You can even offer to accompany them if they need support.

And to keep yourself safe online:

Be real with your friends. Only accept friend requests from people you actually know: not friends of friends of friends...

Take the tags off. Tell your friends to ask permission before they tag you in photos or upload selfish they took with you at last night’s party.

Keep your private information, private. Never post your phone number, address or your whereabouts on line. This may attract stalkers. Also, take the locator function off your apps.


Advocacy & Support

ODU Women’s Center

757-683-4109, Crisis Support,

M-F 8 p.m.- 5 p.m.

next to Student Health Services


Response of the YWCA

757-226-YWCA (9922), 24 Hour Hotline,

Victim Advocacy and Counseling



Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity (OSCAI)


Call to Report Student Conduct Violations

or go to the OSCAI homepage

to submit online


ODU Police Department


To report online harassment

or cyber crime


National Resources

Stalking Resource Center


Women’s Center

1000 Webb Center



Working to Halt On-Line Abuse




* cybersafetycard.pdf  (643.7 KB)

Posted By: Kishla Conner
Date: Wed Apr 02 10:19:02 EDT 2014