Fall 2013 Leadership Lecture Series

The Office of Leadership & Student Involvement has many leadership opportunities available. The Leadership Lecture Series offers leadership-focused programs throughout each semester to give students the opportunity to build on current leadership skills. To continue your professional development next semester be on the look out for our Spring Leadership Lecture Series! 

Last Session of the Semester:

Love is Blind: Uncovering the Blind Spots in Love
Wednesday, December 4th

It’s hard to deny that we are made for relationship. Regardless of the type of relationship, or how casual or intimate it is, we exist in relation to other people. So, have you ever felt frustrated, misunderstood, or hurt because of a person in your life? Most of us have had relationships where we felt the other person just didn’t get us. Despite our best intentions, the relationship was a challenge at best or a failure at worst. While there’s little we can do to make ourselves accepted and understood by others, we can assess our love needs and the helpful and harmful ways we go about meeting those needs in relationships. Through discussion, role play, and personal reflection activities participants will uncover their blind spots in love and create action steps for how to address them.

Register Here: https://orgsync.com/3698/events/582528?date=2013-12-04

Posted By: Deborah Bousman
Date: Thu Nov 14 11:55:35 EST 2013