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The Office of Educational Accessibility aims to assist all students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives. Office staff work with faculty, administrators and students toward the goal of complying with legal mandates and integrating the student into a responsive campus community. The Office of Educational Accessibility strives to coordinate services that will enable students with disabilities to act as independently as possible in a supportive atmosphere that promotes self-reliance.

Admission to Old Dominion University is based solely on the entrance requirements as described in the college catalog. Disclosure of a disability during the admissions process is not required or requested, and neither the nature nor the severity of an individual's disability is used as criterion for admission. The Office of Educational Accessibility does not participate in the admissions process. For more information about the University and the admissions process, contact the Admissions Office at (757) 683-3685.

Students interested in applying for admission to Old Dominion University are encouraged to contact the Office of Educational Accessibility to determine the types of services the University offers to accommodate their particular disability. Once accepted, it is the student's responsibility to request assistance as soon as possible from the Office of Educational Accessibility before any accommodations can be furnished. Reasonable accommodations are arranged in the spirit of equalizing opportunity and are based on the student's individual documentation. Documentation of a disability must meet the established guidelines which are available from the Office of Educational Accessibility .

Information regarding disability and accommodation needs is kept in strict confidence as mandated by FERPA. Students must provide their written permission to share information from their confidential files with people at the University who have an educational need to know.

The campus of Old Dominion University is, for the most part, accessible and easy to negotiate. The terrain is flat, and severe weather conditions are rare. The majority of classroom buildings and residence halls are accessible to wheelchair users. Information regarding ramps and power-operated doors is available here.