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Recruitment Checklist & Steps

To avoid delays in processing, please have ALL, required signatures before submitting for review. Forms that have numbers followed by the letter "A" should be used for Administrative positions only.

Complete Form 1/ Form 1A and submit to the appropriate Vice President for approval.

Schedule a search committee workshop with the Assistant Vice President of Institutional Equity and Diversity and/or the Academic Services Analyst. The workshop is designed to discuss the positions and to clarify the appropriate recruiting procedures. The workshop should be scheduled prior to drafting and placing the advertisement for the position.

Remember: Once the position is advertised you are committed to using ONLY the advertised requirements in the review process.

Submit Form 2 and a copy of the advertisement to the Academic Services Analyst in the office of Academic Affairs. If you are requesting an exemption from advertising in the chronicle of Higher Education, Form 2 must be approved by the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity before submission to Academic Affairs.

Send each applicant a letter acknowledging receipt and a Data Gathering Letter, (DGL), with a postage-paid envelope. *Please include the position number and department on the form side of the data gathering letters before mailing.

Create a matrix to evaluate all candidates using the required knowledge, skills and abilities and preferred qualifications as listed in your ad.

Conduct preliminary phone interviews of semi-finalist applicants and references provided. (Approval is not required for informal interviews.) Note: At this stage use only those references provided by the candidate. It is critical to develop a core set of questions to ask all interviewees. All questions must be directly related to the required knowledge, skills and abilities for the position.

Contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity to obtain DGL results.

Complete Form 4, Verification of Credentials, for each candidate to be interviewed. The Form 4 for the appointed candidate remains in the departmental file.

You may conduct in-depth background checks for candidates who are seriously being considered for the position and have been offered a formal interview. Your final reference check may include anyone who may have relevant knowledge of the candidate.

Submit Form 5, the Interview Selection Form, with the vitae of those to be formally interviewed to the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity. Submit Form 6 for female and minority candidates if requested by Institutional Equity and Diversity Office. A minimum of two candidates must be brought to campus for interviews. The interview process must be consistent for all formal candidates.

Submit Form 9, the Justification for Final Selection, with the vita of the candidate to be offered the position. The Form 7, Authorization for Securing New Faculty, should accompany the Form 9. Submit Form 6 for female and minority candidates not selected.

If the selected candidate declines the position, submit Form 10, Notification of Position Decline to the Institutional Equity and Diversity Office. If you have identified an alternate in section B of the original Form 9, a completed Form 7 for the alternate should accompany the Form 10.