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Student Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Information for

Prospective Students

Student Move-In

Every incoming student is encouraged to apply for fInancial aid through Old Dominion's Financial Aid Office. After applying for financial aid, our staff will be able to determine what financial aid options are available and best for you. Following are some helpful links to get you started in the Financial Aid Process.


Student studying

Students who have not previously applied for financial aid should begin by applying for Financial Aid first.

Graduate Students

Old Dominion University Commencement

Graduate students typically rely on Federal loan programs, graduate assistantships, tuition unfunded scholarships, work-study programs, fellowships, scholarships and/or work outside the University to finance graduate school.

Aid Information for Parents

Old Dominion University understands the financial concerns parents might face when sending their children off to college. With the aid of the financial aid office, our staff will be able to help our students pay for their college education regardless of their economic circumstances.

Aid Information for Distance Learners

Students taking classes through an approved Old Dominion's Distance Learning site are eligible to receive Financial Aid.

Summer Financial Aid Information

Summer aid is generally limited to loans, and in some cases, Federal Pell Grant eligibility. Not all students qualify.