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Approved Absence Conditions

  • Physical or mental illness of the student
  • Physical or mental illness of the student's immediate family member who is dependent upon the student
  • Death of a student's immediate family
  • Involuntary changes in employment schedule or military orders

Use the following form to Request an Extended Class Absence Notification.

Disclaimer: When the Student Ombudsperson Services Office agrees to issue absence notices, these notices do not "excuse" the absence, nor do they guarantee that the student will be permitted to make up tests or other missed assignments. The absence notice simply documents that the student's illness or other circumstances indicate that the student is/was unable to participate in class for the designated period of time. Excused absences and academic accommodations are made at the discretion of the instructor.

Brief Illness

It is understood that brief self-limiting illness will be common during the normal course of the school year and may be cared for by the student themselves. It is the student's responsibility to notify instructors of illness and make appropriate arrangements regarding missed classes and assignments.

Extended Absences

Missing class because of an approved situation doesn't mean you are down and out. If you've missed multiple days of classes (at least one consecutive week) because of physical or mental illness the Student Ombudsperson can help you notify your professors and get back on track in your studies.

Documentation and Scheduling

Every excused absence must be accompanied by an appropriate and valid doctor's note, accident report, military orders or obituary.

Students have five business days to request an excuse of absence.