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Monarch Magazine

From the Editor

Brigid Franklin Barrineau '08 of Norfolk sent a fact-filled letter urging me to publish an article in Monarch magazine about the remarkable military career of her father, Paul Franklin '81. A shorter note from Matthew Reeves '02 of Suffolk suggested that Monarch begin using end-of-story icons to eliminate any confusion about whether or not there is more of an article on the next page.

These are two examples of the many communications that arrive at my desk each year, especially during the month after a Monarch is distributed. I am always pleased to get them.

Anyone who edits a publication likes to hear from the people who take time to read it. Even a complaint can include useful advice, and all responses, good and not so good, can assure an editor that he or she has an attentive audience.

So keep those letters and emails and phone calls coming. And, by the way, I have a Paul Franklin article on my futures list, and you'll see in this issue that icons now designate the ends of articles.

I should note that some of the readers' missives coming my way would be better directed to our ODU team in Alumni Relations. For example, if you want to update your contact information, go to www.odu.edu/alumni/contact-update. Also, you can submit classnotes directly to the Lion's Den online connection to the ODU Alumni Association. Get more information about the Lion's Den at www.odualumni.org.

When you want to contact me directly, and this includes letters you wish to submit for publication, use my email address of jraper@odu.edu or send land mail to Monarch magazine at 100 Koch Hall, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. 23529. My telephone number is 757-683-5585.

- Jim Raper