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Special Registration Requirements

Some courses may be restricted by their respective Colleges and require special permission to enroll. View below for special permissions before enrolling in certain courses. Contact register@odu.edu for more information.

College of Business and Public Administration
Students are not allowed to enroll in a graduate course in the College of Business and Public Administration until they have satisfied the admission index or received permission from the Graduate Program Director.

Students who have not declared their major (degree "intended") are restricted from registering for upper-level (300/400) business courses. Students who have not declared their major but are qualified to do so should declare as soon as possible.

Students who are not yet qualified to declare their major, but are qualified to take upper-level business courses, must contact one of the following people to obtain an override of the program restriction:

  • Tarsha Turner (Constant Hall 2014), 683-3444
  • Connie Merriman, Assistant Dean, College of Business (Constant Hall 2005), 683-6548
  • Ali Ardalan, Associate Dean, College of Business (Constant Hall 2013), 683-6789

Darden College of Education
Non-degree students intending to enter a graduate program in the Darden College of Education must meet with the appropriate Graduate Program Director before completion of 6 graduate credits.

College of Health Sciences
Courses with the prefixes CYTO, DNTH, ENVH, HLSC, MEDT, NMED, NURA, NURS, OPHS, and PT are restricted to students who have applied to and been accepted into those disciplines unless special permission is granted by the department chair or program director.

Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Students accepted as majors in the Batten College of Engineering & Technology may register for engineering and engineering technology courses. Exceptions must be approved by the chair of the department in which the course is taught.