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Business Modeling & Simulation (Certificate)

Degree Level: Graduate
College: Strome College of Business
Degree Earned: Certificate
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The Business Modeling and Simulations Certificate is a unique program that integrates a functional area of business with computer expertise. It is a major that develops skills in the use of the computer as a decision-making tool and provides expertise in a business field in which these skills can be applied. The modern business employer is looking for graduates who have more than just a degree in a particular functional area. They are looking for students who have multiple skills, which allow them to serve their company in many ways. Decisions Sciences provides the training needed to develop those skills.

Career Directions

Those completing the Business Modeling and Simulations Certificate will be managers in their selected area (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing or Operations Management). Their role, however, will be enhanced by their ability to use decision models and computers to generate information for making critical business decisions. In addition to the traditional jobs available to graduates majoring in these areas, Decision Sciences graduates may fill Decision Support positions. In these positions, they provide information to higher management in a decision support role. Graduates from this program are especially attractive to employers because of their multiple skills.

Related Experiences

This program is very adaptable to the new Old Dominion University Career Advantage Program (CAP). The CAP program guarantees a practicum experience to all Old Dominion University students. Through this program you can gain valuable experience in applying your knowledge and, at the same time, receive credit for it.

Program Requirements

The University Modeling and Simulation Steering Committee sets the basic standards regarding the components of a Graduate Certificate in M&S.The basic Certificate requires four (4) three-hour courses, for a total of twelve (12) credits.A basic simulation core of 3 or 6 credits is required, plus 6 or 9 credits of discipline-specific work. A 3.00 GPA for the four-course sequence is required for successful completion. Admission to the certificate program requires a bachelor's degree (or equivalent).

Business Modeling & Simulation Certificate - version 1

MSIM 611- M&S Fundamentals part 1
MSIM 612- M&S Fundamentals part 2
BNAL 721/821- Simulation Modeling for Business Systems
BNAL 722/822- Agent-Based Simulation Modeling

For students with substantial mathematics and computing backgrounds, MSIM 601 may replace MSIM 611 and 612.A fourth course must be chosen to complete the 12-credit requirement.

Business Modeling & Simulation Certificate - version 2

MSIM 601- Intro to M&S
BNAL 721/821- Simulation Modeling for Business Systems
BNAL 722/822- Agent-Based Simulation Modeling

M&S Elective - from the list below

M&S Electives for CBPA Certificate in Business Modeling and Simulation

BNAL 507 - Management Science
BNAL 641 - Electronic Supply Chain Management
BNAL 712 - Advanced Statistical Models in Business Research
ECON 625 - Mathematical Economics
ECON 706/806 - Econometrics I
ECON 707/807 - Econometrics II
ECON 708/808 - Econometrics III
IT 612 - Knowledge Based Systems
IT 651 - Data Warehousing and Mining
IT 652 - On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
FIN 735/835 - Portfolio Analysis
FIN 740 - Futures and Options
MSCM 641 - Supply Chain Management and Logistics
MKTG 625 - Market Research Methods and Analysis
OPMT 624 - Managing Services

With permission of the certificate director, an appropriate "Selected Topics" or "Independent Study" course from the College of Business and Public Administration may be used as an elective.