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Third Party Payments

The University accepts company checks or purchase orders as payment, or we can bill your employer for your total charges with the appropriate authorization. Unfortunately, we are unable to bill employers who reimburse employees based on the course outcome or the grade received.

Who are considered "third parties"?

An employer, a military unit, a service organization, or a state agency agreeing to pay tuition and fees on your behalf and request that Old Dominion bill them for these debts. Scholarships are not considered for third party billing. Employee reimbursement programs are not eligible.

Examples: Military Tuition Assistance (TA), Commonwealth Vocational Rehabilitation, public school systems, Navy College, AMIDEAST, Embassy of Botswana, Ford UAW, Greater Peninsula Private Industry Council, etc.

Special Note: Employer to employee reimbursement programs are not recognized. Participants in employer reimbursement programs are advised to make payment to ODU by the tuition deadline and follow employer guidelines to be personally reimbursed at the end of the course. Delinquent accounts are referred for formal collection efforts prior to the posting of grades. There will be an account hold placed and students will be unable to access grade reports. We strongly advise students against trying to finish the course without payment on the risk that the student can be reimbursed before ODU withholds your records.

What is a "third party" payment agreement?

A third party payment agreement is a written authorization from an employer, a military unit, a service organization, or a state agency that gives Old Dominion University permission to shift the payment liability from the student to the employer for a specific term. The authorization should clearly state the total amount to be paid, including fees, the term, and specific courses (if applicable).

Please note that student accounts are subject to the financial policies of Old Dominion University, as specified in the University Catalog and other relevant publications. Please encourage your students to become knowledgeable about these policies.

Tuition Rates

Unless otherwise specified in a Special Arrangements Contract, rates are determined by the student's domicile classification and the location of the course.

University Fees

Students are responsible for fees if they are not specifically covered by the third party in the authorization.

Partial Payment

In cases where the third party pays a portion, but not all of the term's debt, the student is responsible for the remainder by the tuition deadline.

Outstanding Debts

The University will not allow a student to register, add classes, receive a degree, a transcript of grades/grade report, or other student services until all outstanding University debts are paid in full.

Submitting Billing Documents

It is the student's responsibility to assure that appropriate letters, authorizations, or other payment documents have been sent to the Office of Finance. We require the submission of a document once a term, even in cases of dual semester contracts. Students who receive billing statements for courses paid by a third party should notify our office at once. Contracts should be submitted by the tuition deadline. We encourage early submission of documents. However, contracts will not be honored after these dates:

  • Last day to submit documents for Fall - December 1
  • Last day to submit documents for Spring - May 1
  • Last day to submit documents for Summer - August 15

Modifications & Amendments

Contracts may be modified or amended during the term. However, students who add classes and increase their charges must submit a new authorization form. It is the student's responsibility to contact the sponsor to obtain additional authorization.

Release of Grades

Students are responsible for submitting academic transcripts if required by the sponsor.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not released to the student unless specifically authorized by the third party.


Contact the Third Party Billing Coordinator in Accounts Receivable if you have discovered an error or have a question about your billing statement.

  • Telephone Dialing 757-683-3030 will connect you to our automated telephone system. To reach Third Party, press selection 2 (Billing and Refund Information), then press selection 5 (Third Party).
  • FAX- 757-683-4963
  • Email tuition@odu.edu.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The office is closed on University holidays.