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Building Relationships

Combining operations planning and data analysis, CITS serves to aide deliberation and consensus building, especially on contentious transportation issues that affect the city and the region. In such situations, CITS can bring together stakeholders to improve planning and decision-making. By sophisticated data analysis capabilities, CITS provides the data and visual references needed to make informed decisions.


CITS is developing city-wide macroscopic and microscopic models for Virginia Beach. These can be used for advancing the planning and operation of transportation systems. Specifically, CITS has established a Transportation Applications Program, which includes an innovation test-bed with the City of Virginia Beach. The test-bed provides a natural and virtual environment for field testing of new transportation technologies (e.g., eco-technologies), modeling and simulation tools applications, and experimentation with innovative development strategies, e.g., testing smart growth concepts.

CITS conducts research in support of the U.S. Department of Transportation's TranLIVE University Transportation Center. Old Dominion University is part of TransLIVE's consortium of five leading national universities, whose purpose is to utilize data systems and innovative transportation applications to better address congestion and environmental concerns. As an active research participant in the consortium, CITS performs studies involving alternative fuels and technologies, fuel conservation, urban form, land use and public policy to support transportation decision making at the local, regional and national levels.

CITS includes the Transportation Research Institute in the ODU Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The Institute actively supports formation of multi-disciplinary transportation research teams and provides research services to private and public sector clients. TRI research activities are focused in the following areas: transportation operations, including intelligent transportation systems, transportation safety, transportation planning, freight, and environment, energy and sustainable transportation.

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